Yate Men’s Shed 
YMS Startup Members.jpg

A good turnout for our first AGM.

The Armadillo Building - our meeting place.

First viewing of YMS Website by members.

YMS Coffee meetings to agree how to setup our shed.

Looking on - seeing the Website for the first time.

Armadillo.jpg YMS_20180208_144807.jpg YMS_20180208_114158351_HDR.jpg YMS_20180208_144341.jpg Armadillo.jpg Armadillo.jpg YMS_20180208_144807.jpg YMS_20180208_114158351_HDR.jpg YMS_20180208_144341.jpg

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A shed.jpg

A members home shed. Typically suitable for one person only.

The First YMS practical session at the Armadillo. Two project proposals were signed off and the group started to plan building cardboard gliders for the St Georges day Fete in April.

About Us Projects List

St Georges Day Fete   (YMS first public display)

Saturday 21st April 2018

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Recently purchased electronics kit bought with grant from Curo.

Container Painted.jpg 20180317_101612_001.jpg 20180317_104431.jpg

YMS Members working on our storage container.  Once cleaned the container was painted white on the inside to improve lighting.

March 17th 2018

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Parish Hall Practical Session


20180608_152116.jpg 20180608_152124.jpg 20180608_152222.jpg 20180608_152456.jpg 20180616_085230.jpg 20180616_115318.jpg

YMS at theChipping Sodbury Festival

Men’s Shed at Work in Yate Parish Hall