Yate Men’s Shed

New “Yate Men’s Shed” charity is looking for a home

The Yate Men’s Shed idea was

initiated by Yate Town Council, who

organised several public meetings

back in October last year with bacon

rolls and cups of tea. At the first

meetings, there was an overwhelming

response from local men and some

women interested in this idea. In fact,

so many turned up (around 80), that

the initial idea of setting up a Yate

Men’s Shed in a disused shipping

container was soon set aside and the

quest for a more suitable premises

began. Yate Town Council and

Yate Men’s Shed are working in

partnership to help establish the charity. The charity is looking either for a disused space in an

existing building, to convert into a workshop, or a small piece of land near some existing facilities,

where the charity can site a 20 foot square workshop. So for example, if you are a local business or

a community facility with an unused part of your building you may wish to rent out, or someone

who has an unused outbuilding, or if you have some hard standing with access to mains electricity

and facilities, this charity would very much like to hear from you.

Even though this charity is called “Yate Men’s Shed”, we are not exclusively for men and we are

searching for a shed, otherwise our charity’s name is spot on! The Yate Men’s Shed charity aims to

be self funding and to provide a venue for older people in our community to meet up, to pursue their

practical hobbies and interests and to socialise. There are many groups aimed at ladies, but few that

offer things of practical interest to most men. There are many practical ideas we wish to pursue,

ranging from making bird boxes, car mechanics, fixing bikes, making electronic projects and model

aircraft, to participating in larger community projects, or working with other Men’s Sheds in the

local area. An important aim will be to provide social contact and opportunities to work with other

like minded people. So, if you would like to join us you would be very welcome.

We meet on Thursday mornings at 10:30 for about an hour or so. We are fortunate to enjoy the kind

hospitality of The Armadillo youth centre, near Yate leisure centre. Why not come along and join

in? Alternatively you could contact Mr Nigel Woodford on 01454 319186 for further details. “Men’s

Sheds” is an international movement with over 420 sheds in the UK, including in other towns

locally, (see https://menssheds.org.uk).

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